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Books and Booklets

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Publications by Paul R. Smith

Integral Christianity-The Spirit's Call to Evolve $30.00
"Rev. Smith incorporates elements of traditional, modern, and postmodern theological viewpoints, including progressive, New Thought, and emerging/emergent ones. However, he goes beyond them and moves to a Christianity that is devoted to following both the historical Jesus and the Risen Cosmic Christ whose Spirit beckons to us from the future." 374 pages
Hell No! A Bible study on why no one will be left behind $ 8.00
Rev. Smith discusses the question, "What is hell and why do people believe in it?" He quotes New Testament passages about the salvation of all, Jesus's views on hell, and why the Bible teaches us that all will be welcomed into heaven." 36 page booklet
How to Make the Bible Your Friend $ 8.00
"This booklet may provoke those who take the Bible seriously, but out of a misguided attempt to honor the Bible, read it in a literalistic, rigid, and unreasonable way, which squeezes the life out of it. On the other hand, it may challenge those who dismiss the Bible, and perhaps even the incredible Savior to whom it witnesses, because they have never been offered a way to understand the Bible that made sense intellectually while giving life spiritually." 40 page booklet
The Bible and Homosexuality -- Affirming all sexual orientations as gifts from God $ 8.00
"In this booklet Paul Smith attempts to show, as with racism and sexism, that the Bible does not support heterosexism and that all sexual orientations, including gay, straight, bisexual, and transgender, are a gift from God to be accepted, welcomed, valued, and blessed." 28 page booklet
Special Offers:
Paul Smith's
     Integral Christianity and two booklets he recommends in it,
     Hell No! A Bible study on why no one will be left behind, and
     How to Make the Bible Your Friend
$ 6.00
All three booklets
     Hell No! A Bible study on why no one will be left behind,
     How to Make the Bible Your Friend, and
     The Bible and Homosexuality-Affirming all sexual orientations as gifts from God
$ 6.00

Books by Marcia C. Fleischman

Angels Everywhere $17.00
A reassuring book for children that angels are close by at all times. Delightfully illustrated by the author, the book has a clever ending. 30 pages
Wild Woman Theology: in the Arms of Loving Mother God $30.00
"Marcia retells stories of famous women of the Old Testament and the New Testament with a feminine, even feminist, twist. Told with passion and a bit of whimsy and written in rhyme, Marcia illustrates each story with a corresponding picture, many containing a bit of anachronism for fun." 126 pages
Special Offer:
Marcia Fleischman's
     Angels Everywhere and
     Wild Woman Theology: in the Arms of Loving Mother God
$ 2.00

Gathering Times & Directions

Sunday Morning

Worship/Praise Service: 10:30 am

Chit-Chat Café: 11:45 am
Lunch and conversation are served after the service. It is free for all first-time visitors.

Small Groups

Experiencing God: Third Sunday each month at noon.

Caregivers Support Group:First Sunday each month at noon.

Soul Food: Usually the third Sunday each month at 6 PM. Contact office for exact time & place.

H.A.R.T. Helpers: Fourth Wednesday each month.

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